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   Goat Belly Shrimp

Goat Belly Shrimp, gold
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Goat Belly Shrimp, gold

Goat Belly Shrimp, pink

Goat Belly Shrimp, tan

Years ago we received a sample of Cashmere goat from a supplier. The stuff is an amazing subtle translucent hair up to 6� long. We use it for the tails on the Willy the Pimp and Goat's Breath Variation. But the long hair isn't what is used for the luxurious yarn, it's the sparse, fine under fur. When we use the long hair we pull the short stuff out and throw it away! It's soft, subtle and translucent the nearly perfect dubbing for trout flies but it was obvious that one day this underfur would find its way into a bonefish fly. Hence the Goat Belly Shrimp.

Shrimp have a hard carapace on top with the gills sticking down from the belly. The gills are always moving. The combination of stiff translucent badger tail on top and cashmere dubbing below convincingly imitate various mantis and grass shrimp. Bonefish anywhere eat the Goat Belly, indeed any fish in skinny water will key on this fly. Don't limit it to bones. Redfish will pounce on it, snook cruising the beaches will gobble it even stripers or carp will key on it in the right situation.

The Goat Belly comes in size #6 and #4 and is weighted for moderate to shallow flats.




Price: $4.75
Weed Guard: (+$0.50)


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