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   Flats Mojo Fly Kit

The S.S. Flies Flats Mojo Kit
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The S.S. Flies Flats Mojo Kit

If we here at S.S. Flies were heading off to flats unknown searching for bonefish tarpon and permit; what flies would we bring? Probably we'd pack every fly in the shop, a couple pounds of materials and a few tools. But if an angler didn't have a shop full of flies and materials what should they bring? The S.S. Mojo Flats Kit!

The Mojo Flats Kit is a Bugger Beast fly box packed with 23 of our most essential, our favorite, patterns in various sizes and colors. These 110 flies will allow an angler to jump on the bow of a flats skiff anywhere from Key Largo to Turneffe, Abaco to Bonaire with confidence.

The S.S. Flies Flats Mojo Kit contains two each of the following tarpon, permit and bonefish flies.

Starting on the left side top row going left to right: S.S. T-poon in four colors, Coker Smoker and Diggler.  Next: Fox Fur Tarpon Flies in four colors and two colors of Laid-up Bugs.  Third row down: Boehm’s Gurglers in chartreuse and tan, Backcountry Sweepers in two colors and the other two colors of Laid-up Bugs.  The bottom row on that side is all Pemit Crabs.

The right side is primarily bonefish flies.  Starting at the top working down left to right:  I.P. Bonefish Fly, Sweet Suzy in two colors and two colors of the Quivering Fringe.  Second row: Avalon fly, gray and tan Mini Fox Clousers, two colors of S. S. Bitters then two sizes of Super Sim Rams.  The third row starts with two sizes of tan RUBRedux, two colors of the smaller Bad Tail Squimp, and three sizes of tan Missing Links.  The fourth row down has olive and tan Foxy Gotchas in two sizes each, a couple colors of Mini Puffs and our Mantis Shrimp.  Finally the bottom row has two sizes of both colors of B-turds, amber Christmas Island Specials and two colors of size 6 Firecrackers.

Price: $625.00


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