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   Dinah-moe Drum

Dinah-moe Drum, natural
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Dinah-moe Drum, natural

Dinah-moe Drum, chartreuse

Dinah-moe Drum, golden olive

For the longest time we knew we needed a big heavy red fish fly. Willy the Pimp is big and effective but isn't terribly heavy, our Clousers are heavy but not really big. We had tied a number of modified Toads and Sliders that caught fish but the patterns weren't compelling.

Tim had plopped down a sample tarpon fly that was interesting enough to avoid the recycle bin but it wasn't a fully formed idea. I'd pick it up now and then thinking it had good potential but missed the spot. It stayed on the tying bench for a year. Finally we just got to it; I lashed on a heavy eye, flipped it over, trimmed the fuzz off the bottom stroked back the rest and Dinah-moe Drum came to life. This four-inch beauty might not be worth a forty dollar bill but it'll certainly make redfish quiver and quake. And no one will make any jokes about your mental health if you throw this thing at tarpon deep in some Central American channel or stripers against the rocks.

Dinah-moe is tied on a Gamakatsu SC15 3/0 and comes in three colors; golden olive, purple and chartreuse and natural.

Price: $6.50


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