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   Avalon Fly

Avalon Fly
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Avalon Fly

Avalon Fly:

There are several things that make the Avalon Fly unique.  Most obvious is the keel of hard mono and beads.  Then the delta shaped wing adds some movement and breadth.  It’s a long fly with accentuated antenna.  The twisted marabou body is a great detail adding micro-movement along the shank.  Also it’s the only fly we know of that is completely Cuban.  Possibly the most unique thing about this fly is it’s development and testing. 

Mauro Ginevri has been fishing Cayo Largo for years.  Early on and being in Cuba, his only fly resources were limited and he became dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the patterns.  Eventually he started working on his own fly designs.  After discovering that one of the most prevalent food sources on the flats was a particular shrimp Mauro focused on a shrimp pattern.  The Avalon fly is the tricked out fly that came out of all this work.

When the Avalon Fly first appeared in print we started getting custom orders for it.  It’s not unusual for us to get a couple orders for a fly that appears in a magazine.  We had dozens of orders for the Avalon fly!   People started fishing it all over.  So far it’s has logged hundreds of Grand Slams in Cuba and as been effective not only in Cuba but throughout the Yucatan and the Bahamas. 

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