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   Fox Breath Var.

Fox Breath Variation, olive weighted and olive.
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Fox Breath Variation, olive weighted and olive.

Fox Breath Variation, gray weighted and gray.

Fox Breath Variation, chartreuse weighted and chartreuse.

We worked up this saltwater variation of the Thunder Creek minnow when we were searching for a good sand lance imitation. Sand lances are long skinny fish they look like a small eel and are sometimes referred to as sand eels. To our eye the Thunder Creek baitfish style mimics the sand lance profile perfectly. The Fox Breath Variation is sized to imitate juvenile sand lances. Both the weighted and un-weighted versions are about 3” long. The folded back Thunder Creek style gives this fly the slim eel-like profile of sand lances. We’ve tied up three colors of the Fox Breath Variation, olive and gray are the more realistic colors but we also had to do chartreuse because sometimes stripers don’t care about real. Just because we set out to develop a striper fly when we came up with the Fox Breath doesn’t mean other fish won’t like it. Snook on the beach, tarpon on small bait, redfish and we are pretty sure brown trout will be willing to treat this fly with respect … and eat it. Note: We are no longer offering the weighted version.


Price: $6.00


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