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   Foxy Gotchas

Fox Gotchas, tan
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Fox Gotchas, tan

Fox Gotchas, olive

Fox Gotchas, chartreuse

The Foxy Gotcha is the classic Gotcha with a foxtail wing instead of the usual synthetic. Atlantic salmon fishermen have relied on the movement and lightweight bulk of dyed fox for years; these characteristics translate perfectly to flats fishing.

The bodies of our Foxy Gotchas are tied carefully so the underbody color just bleeds through resulting in a tan Gotcha with just a hint of pink. The olive and chartreuse Foxy Gotchas also have a hint of color peeking through. Great craftsmanship and this slight change in the materials combine to produce a fly any angler can have confidence in on bonefish flats from the Caribbean to the Seychelles.

Order below or call 207-452-2343, 9am-5pm Eastern time. Tied with wildlife products and can't be shipped outside the US.




Price: $4.00
Weed Guard: (+$0.50)


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