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Klinkhammer, tan
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Klinkhammer, tan

Klinkhammer, olive

Klinkhammer, brown

Our Klinkhammers hew close to the original pattern. The original was simple but tweaked to fish just right so we didn’t mess with it – much. Klinks are an emerger pattern, some say it mimics emerging caddis, others say mayflies. Since few caddis spend a lot of time emerging in the surface film its likely trout often think of them as mayfly snacks. The original pattern had no tail, a tapered dubbed body, peacock herl thorax and dun parachute style hackle wrapped on a white post. Fly tyers being who they are have added things like: tails, ribbing and a CDC post, altering the original into any number of effective patterns. The only thing we changed is the dubbing.

The S.S. Flies Klinkhammers have a body of twisted cashmere and rabbit’s foot, it’s durable, buggy and naturally segmented. The peacock thorax is twisted with thread to increase durability, the parachute post is secured and wrapped with great hackle to make sure the fly always rides right.

We tie our Klinks on the only “Klinkhammer hook”, the Daiichi 1160. It’s actually a large hook, order one size smaller than you think you need.

Our Klinkhammers come in sizes 14-20, tan, olive and brown.

Price: $3.00


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