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   Bait Box Kit

S.S. Flies Bait Box
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S.S. Flies Bait Box

We have been thinking about doing a Northeast Kit, flies for stripers, blues and small pelagics. Then we started thinking about other places. What about Baja or the Carolinas, the Everglades or inland waters. There are all kinds of places a fly angler could use a Bait Box! The Bait Box is packed with 28 our best bait fish patterns packed into a Cliff Bugger Barn.

Individual List Price $208

The Bait Box kit contains two each of the following:

Punky Meadows blue 4/0  Fox Breath  gray 2/0 
Punky Meadowsolive 4/0 Fox Breath chartreuse 2/0 
Bulky Bunkerherring 2/0 Epoxy Bunnysilverside #2 
Bulky Bunkerolive 2/0 Epoxy Bunny  anchovy #2 
Simple Pimpblack&purp 3/0,1/0 Magic Mama chartreuse 2/0
Simple Pimpgray 3/0 and 1/0 Magic Mama olive 2/0 
Price: $195.00


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