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Tarpon Flies:get the right flies for big tarpon.

We talk to a lot of tarpon guides and tie a lot of "super secret" flies for them. It is common to hear two seemingly conflicting ideas from these captains. First "tarpon aren't trout" (duh) "you don't have to match the hatch" then "I have to have my flies tied exactly like this to catch these fish". There is no conflict here;effective tarpon flies don't have to be perfect imitations but they do have to work just right.

Tarpon flies have to be on the right size hook, the right color and must have the proper profile to match the current food source. All pretty standard but there's more. The good captains start getting serious about how "big" the fly is tied and factors that relate to sink rate. Guides will special order the same pattern with various eyes (plastic, bead chain or none) to have the right sink rate available for a specific situation. Sometimes a big profile, one that moves a lot of water is in order; other times a slim profile is the ticket.

Tarpon might not be as particular as some other fish but the wrong fly selection can ruin great fishing. Choose a variety of patterns that will give you different colors, sink rates and profiles.

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Although these are all tarpon flies some are great on other fish to.  Multi-purpose flies have the following codes.

"R" = Redfish
"S" = Snook
"St" =
"T" = Tarpon

If you don't see the flies you need check out our custom tying program


Badger Tarpon Fly (T)
 Boehm's Gurgler, tan
Boehm's Gurgler, tan (S,T,St)
 Bunny Toads
Bunny Toads (T)
Coker Smoker
Diggler (T)
 Floating Crab, olive
Floating Crab, olive (S,St,R)
Fox Fur Tarpon Fly (S,St,R)
SST-Poon & Grizz Bugs
Grizz Bugs (T)
Laid-up Bug (T)
 Magic Worm
Magic Worm (St,T)
  Marabou Toad, chartreuse
Marabou Toad (T)
Night Time Poon Fly (S,T)
Rabbit Tarpon Fly (T)
Run Around Sue (T)
S.S. T-poon (T)
Studebaker Hawk (T)
The Evelyn Modification (S,St,T)